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SBS (Simplified Business System) is a web based accounting software for small business such as start-ups, micro and SMEs. SBS does not require any accounting knowledge thus it is a simple and easy accounting software for those without any accounting knowledge. User is able to access and track business performance with this accounting software in “real-time” at any given time from any location in the world. With this simple online accounting software, it helps in eliminating the hassle of accounts bookkeeping and manual billing.

Furthermore, it is also a GST compliant accounting software approved by Royal Malaysian Customs. Therefore, those looking for an easy accounting software or GST software, SBS is your answer. Think accounting software for small business, think SBS. SBS, a complete all-in-one accounting software which allows you to manage your sales, expenses, business documentation and transaction, reports and many other tasks related to your business just at your fingertips.


No accounting knowledge? No problem. Let us do it for you.


From producing source documents such as Purchase Orders and invoices to generating financial reports, everything is done for you. The information you receive is in real time to enable you to monitor and track your business performance anywhere in the world. It is simple, easy and reliable, so it is the perfect solution for start-ups, micro and small businesses.


SBS is GST compliant and approved
by the Royal Malaysian Customs
Department. Enquire within to
utilize the GST e-voucher.

Locally developed especially for
Malaysian start-ups,
micro small business

Access SBS anywhere, anytime
from any environment.
No installation needed


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